Asahi Evening News, Feb. 11, 1995

“As an internationally acclaimed stage producer, Peter Klein knows there are no guaranteed prescriptions for success, although he has some very good ideas of what theatrical event will expect well”

The London Times, Sep. 16, 1999

“If there’s any question of Peter Klein’s Living Arts production of Porgy growing stale after touring around the world on and off for seven years, then the company showed no signs of it at the start of their week’s run on the South Bank…”The London Times, September 16, 1999


Tokichi Takada, August 19, 1995

“The Klein phenomena is what we’re here to celebrate!”

Adelaide Australia, March 29, 1997

“It took Peter Klein, another Jewish-American, to find a new, wide audience for Porgy and Bess in the 1990’s.” vvvvvvvv



“[T]he courtly, soft-spoken Klein seems uniquely well-suited to his role as a global ambassador of the arts. The son of Holocaust survivors, he spent his first 18 years in Transylvania and, as a child, learned Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and German.”



“Klein, whose first experience with the performing arts was when his grandmother took him to the local opera house as a child in Romania, has been instrumental in introducing a wide variety of drama, Broadway theater, music, opera and dance—both modern and ballet—throughout Europe, the Americans and the Far East.”